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Business Network Infrastructure


The Challenge


Modern Computer Network Infrastructures are transitioning to real-time operations, therefore sharing accurate and current information with vendors, suppliers, partners, or customers is becoming a strategic advantage, and one of the principal drivers behind service oriented services, applications, and web technology.


The Solution


AM Computer Solutions L.L.C. network infrastructures help businesses meet their high performance network goals with new levels of performance, security, availability, and operational efficiency.


Our security platforms, routing, and switching are strategically designed to connect networked computers, applications, and service to end-users in real-time.


The Benefits


Small-mid size business and corporate entities alike leverage computer network infrastructure solutions to achieve business goals, improve end-user productivity, feasibility, and reduce the operating and maintenance cost of network set-up.


AM Computer Solutions L.L.C. computer network infrastructure can integrate easily into your residence or commercial business.

Network infrastructure optimization is the ability to enable business expectations across resilient and well performing network including under component failure conditions.

Professional Competency


Implementation of business networking infrastructure is gaining momentum as organizations realize the benefits that can be gained from establishing and consuming technological resources.


AM Computer Solutions L.L.C. has been at the forefront of information technology since 2000, developing services for, and building expertise in, networking infrastructure and cloud computing life cycle management. Our expertise in networking infrastructure ranges from determining the network design strategy through deployment, Capacity Planning & Optimization, and ongoing management services; to include Local and Wide Area Network infrastructure design using hard wire and wireless technologies. We have also developed a network infrastructure model that enables small businesses to achieve the required level of data management, application and network performance, protection, and security.


AM Computer Solutions L.L.C. has been designing computer network platforms for some time now and has created many enterprise configurations. Our business model for many years has been building and installing traditional data centers within university and small-mid sized business settings.


Our understanding of network infrastructure design and how it relates to applications, data management 

/protection, networking, security, and operations extend very well when installing environments within computer network platforms.

Computer Network Infrastructure: The Business Return on Investment (ROI)


  • Improved business productivity through reliable and fast network connectivity.
  • Reduced network expenses by simplifying network design and implementation.



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