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"Very Professional IT Service"

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Did a great job, by Michael on 1/8/2018
"AMcomputersolutions did a great job taking care of my computer.My computer basically got shut down by a virus and he was able to get it back up and running and saved all my data.He was Very responsive and also kept great communication with me throughout the process. Gave me updates on how things were going, which was great because it kept me from wondering what was going on. He is now going to be doing my other 4 computers.I highly recommend.
Very Professional IT Service, by Mildred on 04/16/2011

AMcomputersolutions is a very professional IT service. They far exceeded my expectations and was able to keep to the discussed turnaround time. Even more, they were able to beat ridiculously priced Geek Squad.. I definately recommend and will use his services again"
By Mildred.



Worth Every Penny!! by Chris W. on 07/22/2009


My computer was running slow and not shutting down properly. Artice fixed it over night and brought back on a Sunday!! Now all my data is backed up properly and my computer is running faster than ever. Plus, he showed me how to do everything myself for the future. No more worrying about losing critical data. Thank you! Will continue to use their services.

Fantastic customer service!! by Randy Lovstuen on 06/01/2009

Artice replaced my fried hard drive in my laptop and resurected my desktop. I can't believe how nice he is when explaining the problems and how he is going to fix it. Very good prices and fast service. He even called me a couple weeks after my service was done to see how everything was working!!!!!

Artice and AM are very honest and knowlegable!! by Scott Abbett on 05/29/2009


I had a problem with my computer where it was acting real slow and freezing regurlarly. I called AM Computer Services and they were very knowledgeable and honest. Artice was my tech, and he actually took my computer home with him, worked on it overnight and returned it to me the next day. It is lightning fast and has all the latest security needs to keep out and worms or viruses. And we did not lose 1 piece of data, pictures, anything!!! Thank you AM and Artice!!!


Stellar by Phijj on 05/27/2009


Outstanding work at reasonable prices. I know several people who have used his services and he is nothing short of stellar.

AM saved my PC by Eli Emerton on 05/20/2009


I am not a "computer person". Artice took the time to come to my home, inspected my computer, explain the diagnosis and and answer all of my questions. He was able to have it back to me and working like a charm the very next day. He even included software upgrades, and tips on how to prevent future issues. If I ever have a problem in the future I know exactly who I will call.


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